Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starting on the Queue of Things I've Been Meaning to Post

A few days ago, Leonard Lopate interviewed Suzanne Farrell on WNYC. Most of the interview concerned Suzanne's reconstruction of the Balanchine ballet Pithoprakta, a "lost" Balanchine ballet from 1968. The recreation of this ballet was especially challenging because Suzanne only had an incomplete film and fuzzy memories to rely on. And the film wasn't just incomplete, it was seriously incomplete: it was shot one day when Arthur Mitchell was out, so it's missing all of the male lead's parts!

Yet again, the perils of recording dances on film only!

Suzanne also said fascinating things about the music, but I was making lunch while I listened, and the sink and the stove drowned out some of the details. I should listen to it again. And you should listen too!

Click here to listen.

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