Saturday, March 1, 2008

Back in Print: Labanotation for Beginners

Back from out-of-print obscurity: Labanotation for Beginners by Ann Kipling Brown.

Originally part of a larger book that is now out of print, Labanotation for Beginners has been revived and is being published on its own. It presents Labanotation "in a sequence of clear, graded lessons, illustrated with numerous examples and supplemented with practical exercises in reading and writing, with each section of the text presenting logical progressions of exploring and recording movement."

Sounds like a good companion to Elementary Labanotation: A Study Guide, the textbook for the DNB's elementary Labanotation course. The price of Labanotation for Beginners is £10, which as of today equals $19.86. (The ever-falling dollar, sigh.)

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