Monday, October 22, 2007

Martha Graham's Works in the DNB Library

In 2002 a court decision was made in regard to the choreographic works of Martha Graham. The Martha Graham Center received the rights to 45 Graham choreographic works, former artistic director Ron Protas received the rights to Seraphic Dialogue (1955) and 10 works are now listed in public domain.

The DNB Library houses scores of eight Graham works (Steps in the Street and Diversion of Angels are complete scores, the rest are works in progress):

  • *Steps in the Street (1936) taught by Joyce Herring (2003) based on a revival by Yuriko [Kikuchi] and Graham in 1987, notated by Ray Cook, 2006.
  • American Document (1938) notated by Helen Priest Rogers, 1940's.
  • El Penitente (1940) notated by Muriel Topaz, 1973.
  • *Appalachian Spring (1944) revived by Carol Freed, notated by Christine Clark, 1972.
  • Dark Meadow (1946) revived by Helen McGehee, notated by Susie Watts Margolin, 1964.
  • Diversion of Angels (1948) notated by Muriel Topaz, 1967-1971.
  • Diversion of Angels (1948) revived by Nathan Montoya and Takako Asakawa, notated by Leslie Rotman, 1996.
  • Seraphic Dialogue (1955) as taught by Ethel Winter, notated by Julie French, 1965.
* Dances in public domain

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